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We offer professional aluminum extrusion profiles manufacturing services including Engineering Design, Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum Fabrication, Aluminum Finishing, and Packaging.

Our aluminum profiles factory maintains advanced manufacturing and our expertise has solved many of our customers' design and production problems.


Third Aluminum ensures that every aluminum extrusions profiles products that are manufactured to customers’ exact specifications and are delivered with suitable packaging.


We purchase standard aluminum ingot for aluminum profiles production, not aluminum scrap, the aluminum ingot will be heated first before production.


The mold is made based on a customer's aluminum extrusion profiles product drawing or sample, it will be heated before use.

The semi-finished aluminum extrusion profiles product's hardness and performance will become better after heat treatment.


1. Extrusion workshop: Use the Extrusion machine to produce mill finish aluminum extrusion profiles products.

2. Powder coating workshop: Use Automatic spraying machine to spray the powder on the surface of the mill finish product to produce powder coating surface products.

3. Anodized workshop: we can make silver anodized,sandblasting anodized surface, and electrophoresis surface treatments with high quality.

4. Woodgrain transfer printing workshop: We can make a wooden color aluminum profile, the equipment adopts a single pumped bag, which improves the transferring process of complicated and difficult aluminum extrusion profiles, improving output greatly at the same time and reducing consumption of wood paper.


We provide fabrication services such as sawing, drilling, punching, etc, which can meet the customer's requirement.


The aluminum profile packing is usually shrinking film or composite paper packing, we can also customize the packing as your requirement.


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