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Teach you to correctly identify inferior aluminum profile

Teach you to correctly identify inferior aluminum profile


Teach you to correctly identify inferior aluminum profile

The titanium plating process of aluminum profile belongs to the coating technology, which is to increase the pre-plating and electroplating process steps on the basis of the conventional titanium plating process. The aluminum profile process is to put the activated plating part in the aqueous solution of salt and hydrochloric acid for chemical treatment.

Electroplating process of plating solution composition including nickel sulfate, nickel chloride and boric acid, sodium dodecyl sulfate, saccharin, brightener, this process has the advantages of simple and practical, good effect, the process of titanium aluminum membrane layer hardness HV material 1500, under the same conditions than 22 k gold plated wear-resisting 150 times, can be processed into various forms of gold, color, black and other light a variety of series of aluminum products.



Extrusion defect.

Defects such as bubble, inclusion, lamination, color difference, distortion and so on will occur in the extrusion process of aluminum profile due to whether the extrusion equipment is complete, whether the extrusion process is mature and whether the operation is improper, which will affect the quality of aluminum profile.


Thin oxide film thickness.

The national standard stipulates that the oxidation film thickness of building aluminum profiles should be no less than 10um (micron).

The thickness is not enough, the surface of aluminum profile is easy to rust, corrosion.

Some of the samples of the name, site, production license, certificate of aluminum profile, its oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, some even without oxide film.

It is estimated by experts that every 1um of oxidation film thickness reduced, each ton of profile can reduce the cost of power consumption more than 150 yuan.


The chemical composition is not up to standard.

Adding a lot of miscellaneous aluminum, waste aluminum can greatly reduce the cost of aluminum profiles, but it will lead to unqualified chemical composition of building aluminum profiles, seriously endanger the safety of building projects.


Reduce section wall thickness.

The 90 series push-pull window type, according to the national standard its aluminum profile wall thickness minimum not less than 1.4mm, some products only 0.6 to 0.7 mm.

The minimum thickness of aluminum profiles used in national standards is no less than 1.62mm. In random inspection, some products are only 0.97 to 1.18mm.


Low quality aluminum profile greatly reduces the closing time, reduces the loss of chemical reagent, reduces the cost, but also greatly reduces the corrosion resistance of the profile.

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