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What is rare earth foamed aluminum?

What is rare earth foamed aluminum?


What is rare earth foamed aluminum?

What are the characteristics?

Metal foam material is a new engineering material integrating physical function and structure.

Because of its excellent physical properties, it has been widely used in noise elimination, shock absorption, separation engineering, catalytic carrier, shielding protection, energy absorption buffer and other fields.

Foam aluminum, made of rare earth aluminum alloy, is also seen as a promising material for future cars, ships and other means of transportation.

It is known that the preparation methods of metal foam materials generally include powder metallurgy method, which can be divided into two kinds: loose sintering and reaction sintering.

The seepage law;

Sintering dissolution method;

Melt foaming method;

Eutectic directional solidification method, etc.

Among the various preparation methods, melt foaming method has the most promising prospect for industrial production because of its relatively simple production process and low cost.

At present, the metal foam materials supplied on the Japanese market are mainly aluminum foam blocks produced by melt foaming method.

The technical difficulties of melt foaming method lie in: controlling the viscosity of melt;

Choose the right metal foaming agent.

In general, the viscosity of the melt is required to be larger, and the foaming agent used in the metal melting point near the rapid bubbling.

The process is divided into two parts: 1. Development of rare earth aluminum alloy; 2.

2. Preparation of rare earth foam aluminum alloy.

The development of rare earth aluminum alloy can not only improve the strength of the alloy, but also reduce the melting temperature of the alloy, which is conducive to the preparation of rare earth foam aluminum alloy with high strength.

Under certain alloy viscosity, it is the key to prepare foamed metal by dispersing foam into the melt with appropriate foaming agent.

In the rare earth additives of rare earth aluminum alloy, the content of rare earth ranges from 0.1% to 0.7%.

Using melt foaming process, the rare earth foam aluminum alloy is in metal, aluminum alloy as the matrix in the molten state with the mixture of rare earth additives smelting, after rare earth aluminium alloy melt, add metal viscosifier and foaming agent, in the rare earth foam aluminum alloy foam reaction pool, then get the rare earth foam aluminum alloy after molding.

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