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Wholesale Aluminum Formwork Easily Assembled Construction Building

Wholesale Aluminum Formwork Easily Assembled Construction Building
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Window & door aluminium profile, decoration aluminium profile, heat sink aluminium profile, glass wall aluminium profile, transport aluminium profile, industrial aluminium profile, used to set a wall with concrete

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Introduction of aluminum alloy formwork system

Aluminum template is a construction template made of aluminum alloy, also known as aluminum alloy template, which refers to the design made according to the modulus.The aluminum template is made by extruding with special equipment, and is composed of three parts system: aluminum panel, bracket and connecting parts. With complete supporting universal accessories, it can be combined and assembled into an overall formwork with different shapes and complex dimensions. The system template for assembly and industrial construction solves the defects of the traditional traditional templates and greatly improves the construction efficiency.


Product introduction

● Panel system: Made of extruded aluminum alloy profiles (6061-T6, etc.), it is lightweight, high-strength, and has good integrity, thus ensuring the convenient installation and repeated turnover of the template.

● Supporting system: Single support: the use of advanced early dismantling technology support system to ensure that the construction period of each hammer layer structure is controlled within the range of 4 ~ 5 days. Verification and verification, vertical allowable bearing capacity to reach 0~25KPA.

● Bidirectional bracing: Realizing the three-dimensional adjustment function, while ensuring the verticality and flatness of the vertical members (walls, columns), it can strengthen the horizontal rigidity and bearing capacity of the vertical members (walls, columns) to resist the lateral pressure generated by the concrete pouring.

● Fastening system: Within the range of conventional storey height (2.8 ~ 3.2M), the back flute system adopts the design principles of 4 internal walls, 5 external walls, openings and floating platforms and other easily-expanded parts to ensure the overall strength and rigidity of the formwork system And stability.

● Accessory system: Pins, pins, bolts and other hardware accessories are all made of high-quality products, and the performance and processing accuracy meet the relevant specifications and customer requirements.


Specialization, standardization and refinement


We have professional independent research and development design and calculation software, unified technical management of design, production and construction. At the same time, we also have the most widely distributed aluminum mold production base in the industry, the largest site, and the strongest production capacity. Excellent production management experience is used in each base.

Quality service


Product show

We can manufacture the aluminum formwork which you want. We also can support OEM service.

So your any requirements is welcome.Please kindly find the below photos which can been done by us. OEM making is supported.

Social benefit

Reduce wood consumption and protect forest resources.

The aluminum alloy formwork can be recycled many times, and after being damaged, it can be returned to the furnace and remelted, all of which are reused, which greatly reduces the waste of wood.

Save the use of river sand and protect water and land resources.

Due to the high forming quality of the aluminum alloy template, it can achieve the effect of avoiding plastering, saving a lot of cement, sand, water and mortar production, transportation and plastering labor costs.

Caring for life and paying attention to safety.

Achieve safe and civilized low-carbon construction and reduce site safety accidents

Improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The use of aluminum alloy formwork has high construction efficiency and reduces energy consumption in building construction.



Order process

Project cases

Project name: Sanshui xuhui - huimei homeland 

Contractor: Shanghai xinzhi construction engineering co., LTD. 

Construction party: foshan xiangfa real estate development co., LTD

Achieve customers and win-win cooperation

The unified planning of the company's headquarters for information, logistics, and funds achieves the goals of improving efficiency, reducing duplication, and avoiding waste. Relying on the self-developed installation team training system and construction quality management system, it has created a group of industry-experienced on-site engineering guidance teams, and the construction quality is highly praised by customers.



Third Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.

We have 19 aluminum profile extrusion production lines with a monthly production capacity of 1,000 tons of aluminum profiles. We are a large industrial aluminum profile professional manufacturer integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and service.


Production processes

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